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David Grosz

One of my grandfather's (Israel Moshe SIEGELLACK) sisters (Fani SIEGELLACK)
ended up in USA (New York followed by Detroit - possibly only children went
to Detroit). I have traced her as being married to Louis HALAON and having
four children born in Jerusalem between 1931 and 1935 called Sophie Sitty
HALON, Chaim Meyer HALON, Sara Malia HALON and Dov HALON. I have them
arriving in New York in 1941. I only saw Louis and the four children listed
as they entered as US citizens and I suppose Fani had not been in the USA
yet or at least had not become a citizen yet. I have not identified where
they were married.

My question is about Chaim Meyer and his family. I was given some
information in 1991 that linked me to Rochelle HALON who had married Rabbi
Mordechai SEVI. I believe the marriage took place in Detroit in January
1982. They had lived in Sydney for some time where I had met them. Their
first four children had been born in USA and Canada (the first three in
Brooklyn, NY, USA and the fourth in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) with their
next two in Sydney, Australia in 1990 and 1991. I am confused as I have
recently had some information indicating Rochelle is actually Rachelle and
her name in this information has been recorded as Rachelle Leah MEIR and not
HALON (perhaps her name had been changed or her parents' name). The
parents' name in this information has been recorded as Haiim MEIR and
Harriet (Hendel) RIVA. I'm not sure exactly when but the SEVI's went to
Israel a short time after my meeting with them in 1991. Their seventh child
was born in 1999.

Does anyone have any information that links what I am saying together? If
you also have further information on this branch of the family, your
assistance will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,
David Grosz


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