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Jan Meisels Allen

As part of the ongoing budget reductions, Archivist of the United States,
David S. Ferriero announced the closure of the Anchorage Alaska Regional
Archive and the consolidation of the two sites near Philadelphia, PA into
one site. Both of these will occur this year. Within the next two years the
two regional centers in Fort Worth Texas will consolidate into one site.
The savings are estimated at $1.3 million.

The archival materials currently held in the Anchorage Regional Facility
will be transferred to the Seattle, Washington Regional Archive. The
National Archives in Seattle will digitize the approximately 12,000 cubic
feet of archival materials so that the records remain available to Alaskans
via the Internet. Another 7500 cubic feet of records will be moved to the
Seattle Regional National Archives facility.

Of the two Philadelphia, PA facilities, the small "storefront" archival
facility at 900 Market Street in the city center will close in FY 2014.
Those employees will move to the Townsend Road Regional Archives or
telework. The less than 5,000 cubic feet of archival records stored at
Market Street will be moved to Townsend Road, where the majority of the
archival records already are stored.

For the two Ft. Worth, TX locations, the National Archives will permanently
close the Montgomery Plaza facility in FY 2016. All employees at the
Montgomery Plaza location will move to John Burgess or telework locations.
No original records are stored at the Montgomery Plaza facility.

To read the press release see:

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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