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First, to thank Peggy Freedman and Judy Baston for their hard work and
recent progress in adding translations of additional records which often
prove very valuable to family researchers. Although my family came >from the
area of Lida, Belarus, many of their records have been deposited in the
Lithuanian Archives and so are accessible through support of both the Lida
and Vilnius Special Interest Groups.

In June, my husband and I are planning a trip to Vilnius, Eisiskes and Lida,
along with some of the other places we believe the family to have lived.

The translated 1888 Revision List provided several town names, including
Sokoly, Smoliachna Borovka and Zelionyi, presumably in the Lida vicinity.

Additionally, my g-grandfather's wedding record was translated to show him
coming >from a place called 'Zapasny.' I have been working with Yuri Dorn of
the Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus, who has been extremely
helpful in conducting local searches of these places on my behalf. Although
we can't be absolutely certain of all the locales, the Zapasny entry
remained puzzling. Yuri pondered this and compared the translated version
to the actual record, finally realizing the error in the translated version.

The Russian word, 'zapasnoi' means 'reserve.' So the translation, instead
of indicating a place of residency, should have said he was a reserve

As I've run across other Zapasny entries in the Vital Records, I wanted to
share this enlightenment and clarification with others, to save them from
misconstruing the translated version of the records.

Leslie Gut-Reiken


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