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Peter Lebensold <peterlebensold@...>

Thanks to Peter Lande's reference - just over a week ago (see below) - to
the Polish Holocaust database at , I have just discovered
that there was apparently a (previously-unknown) Josef LEBENSOLD interned
in the prisoner-of-war camp Stalag II-A (at Neubrandenburg, Germany).

Considering that this was - apparently - not an extermination camp, I am
hopeful that there was enough record-keeping that I might be able to get
additional information on this prisoner: date of birth, parents' names,
ultimate fate, etc.

I'd also be curious to know what a Pole might be doing at a POW camp
(Wikipedia says there were 738 Poles at Stalag II-A). Perhaps he was
serving in the Free Polish forces?

Any possible sources for further information would be much appreciated.

Peter Lebensold

Subject: Polish Holocaust Database
From: "Lande" <pdlande@...>

In the past one of the most useful Polish Holocaust databases has been Karta
Poland. This database has now been subsumed in, a much broader
database accessible at This provides information relating
to an estimated 3.5 million Poles, not only Holocaust victims, but also
soldiers, POWs, forced laborers and others. Simply go to
and then Szukaj w bazie for your search.

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