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My name is Chris Kulinski and I am trying to locate some information
on Jan BAGAMER / BAGAMERY who lived
in Zorawno or Labszyn Poland in the district o
Lwow / Lemberg /Galicja. Today it is in The
Lviv oblast of Ukraine.It is my
mother's cousins family. Long
story: ( my mother was born in Lwow ) survived the
camps, war and refugee dispersal camps ( is 87 ) and
would like to find cousin's grandfathers / fathers
family records. Birth / Marriage / death or what ever is
available. Leslawa Amade vel Bagamery wrote to my mom,
and would like to
find what is available. Leslawa said that a
Jewish organization microfilmed all the records >from that
region after WWII. I am not
very proficient on the computer and am unable to
undertake that task. I can e / mail at best and my
Parkinsons makes writting very difficult. Would anyone
able to help ? or know someone that can? This is
what has been conveyed to me. Karolina and Wiktor /
Viktor / Varkonis - Amade vel Bagamery was of
Hungarian birth it is said he was born 1828 in (Bees)
Austro / Hungary - Galicja ( today it is Gabczykowo /
Gabczykovo Slovakia. He may also have gone by the name of
Michael? Wiktor
and Karolina had a son Wiktor who died with his
wife during the war crossing a bridge near Zurawno
/ Zhuravno / Zhuravne /Llurawno near Labszyn /
Brzezany in Lwow district.

info. on Jan BAGAMER / BAGAMERY Do not know if he used his
(family titles above?) born between 1856 / 1860
married in Zurawno Catholic Church? 1882- 1883 to a Helena
Pilipow / Philipow / Philipi of ( French decendancy ) and
they had a son Jozef / Joseph born 7-11-1883 in Zorawno
/ Zhuravno / Zhuravne / Llurawno near Labszyn ( birth
baptism ) should be recorded there. Maybe some civil records
would exist at Lwow / Lviv / Lemberg under Austrian /
Hungarian control back then?

It is
said that Bagamer / Bagamery: had some sort of position
at the Zorawno Castle / Palace. If we
find the wedding certificate or son's Birth
certificate perhaps we can back trace ( where Jan was born )
his wifes full name and maybe their parents full
names. Maybe
Jozef / Joseph was married there as well? It
would be nice to find some info. and solve the mysteries and
intrigues. Hopefully it connects with my mothers Zamoyski
connections on her grandfather's Bak
side. My
mothers mother's side was Anton Saibel whose father was
from Austria, grandma Julia Saibel was born in Stryj / south
west of Lwow in 1901.I wish
to do this while I can still function.
My greatgrandfather had an extensive family history book. But it was lost
during the war, he died shortly after being released >from Labor camp.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Chris Kulinski

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