New Holocasut Assets Database #galicia

Barbara and Marty Yeager <barbara-and-marty@...>

Some of you may know that a new Holocaust Assets database was recently
published by Avotaynu. I have not seen information about it posted to this
list so wanted to make sure that you know about it. This list can be accessed on the Internet at <> . It
includes 29,000 Holocaust era Jewish names.

The difference between this database and the ones that have been previously
published is that the Avotaynu database also includes data >from the
*Austrian State Archives in Vienna*. The Austrian files include all assets,
including possible bank accounts, insurance policies and other holdings.

I would like to encourage everybody whose family was personally affected by
the Holocaust to take a look at this database.

As many of you may know, the deadline for claiming the Swiss Holocaust
Assets is October 22, 99. You can find out more by going to
<> . I understand, though, that it is really
difficult to download the forms >from there. You can also call 1-888-635-5483
to request a form, or write to:

Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation
P.O. Box 8300
San Francisco, CA 94128-8300

Barbara U. Yeager
Chicago, IL

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