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Adam Goodheart

Dear experts,

Despite having some pretty good clues, I've searched long and
fruitlessly for the immigration record of my great-grandfather,
Moishe (later Morris) KAUFMAN, who arrived in the U.S. in
1897 or 1898.

Moishe's U.S. records consistently state that he was born in 1870.
His 1907 naturalization record gives his place of birth as
"Molitz," which is now Malec, Belarus, former Grodno Gubernia.
Many family stories say that he and his wife, Golde EPELBAUM,
both grew up in Brest-Litovsk (her birthplace, per the same
naturalization record).

I have found Golde's arrival record, as Golde Kaufmann (wrongly
indexed as "Raufmann") aboard the SS Elisabeth Rickmers >from
Bremen, docking at Baltimore on December 26, 1898.
She was traveling with her infant son, Chemje (later Nathan),
age 11 months. They are stated as having been living in
"Vladova" (probably Wlodawa, Poland, her parents' town of origin).
They were on their way to meet her husband in Pittsburgh, and
the address is that of Moishe's sister Fannie Kaufman and her
husband, Samuel WEISBRODE, who had immigrated in the 1880s.

If Golde and Moishe's infant son was less than a year old
in December 1898, then -- presuming Golde's fidelity --
we know that Moishe must have immigrated in 1897 or 1898.
He almost certainly would have named either the Weisbrodes or
his brother Aaron Kaufman (then living in NYC) on the manifest.

It states that he arrived aboard the SS Rotterdam, >from
Rotterdam to NYC, on August 22, 1894 (an impossible date,
given his son's age in 1898 -- unless he'd made an earlier
trip and then returned).

Given all the data I have, I feel like my great-grandfather
shouldn't be impossible to find ... I would be grateful for
any suggestions or clues >from the experts.

Adam Goodheart
Washington, D.C.

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