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Amy B <testingwithfire@...>

Hi all,

I'm new to the list and have undertaken a search for the town of
origin of my great-grandmother, Anna Wolff Klugman. She lived in New
York City around the turn of the last century.

I have managed to find her and her husband, Samuel Klugman, on the
1900 and 1910 censuses. Unfortunately her date of arrival is recorded
as 1888 on the 1900 census and 1890 on the 1910 census, but I'd
imagine that was fairly common.

On the censuses, their ethnicity/country of origin is recorded as
"Russia" (1900) or "Russian (Yiddish)" (1910).

I figured that in those days, "Russia" would include Poland.
Interestingly enough, many people on their block in 1900 reported
their origin as "Poland." I am assuming that most folks on their block
(Suffolk St, New York in 1900) were probably Jewish.

My questions about this information are:

1) Do we know if country/ethnicity was self-reported or if more
detailed questions were asked about town of origin after which a
country was recorded?
2) Is it still likely at all that my great-grandmother's country of
origin was in fact Poland?
3) Were there any cultural reasons at that time to report "Poland" as
opposed to "Russia," or vice versa?


Amy Brown

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