Josef Guttmann from Tabor #austria-czech

Hans Peter Grab <hpgrab@...>

After reading Maud's moving posting, I am sure we are all thinking of
the GUTTMANNs >from TABOR especially Alice and her mother and father. Celia
has also found another GUTTMANN >from Tabor listed here, who may be a close
relative of Alice:

The article is in Czech. Karel Fous, SIG member >from Prague, and I
translated the main facts into German and English and Celia and Uri have
edited it and turned it into better English [I have their permission to quote]:

Josef GUTTMANN born in Tabor on 23 May 1902 was a Czech journalist,
publisher and left-wing politician. >from 1929 onwards, GUTTMANN was a
member of the leadership of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia.
Until 1933, he was Chief Editor of the party newspaper *Rude pravo*.

At the end of 1933 he was expelled >from the party as he criticised the
"Konfrontationspolitik" of the German Communists and the Komintern
vis-a-vis the Social Democrats and other Democratic forces in Germany.
He judged these policies to be an encouragement to the Nazis.

GUTTMANN was ordered to go to Moscow, but he declined the "offer", for
obvious reasons! In 1936, he actually unmasked the Moscow show trials
in a brochure he wrote. He fled via Sweden to the USA in 1939, where he
worked in NY as announcer to the Czech Broadcasts >from the USA. After
1945 he worked in broadcasting and in the Jewish Museum. He never
returned to the country of his birth. He died in the USA in 1958.

Hanus Grab

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