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Scott Ehrlich wrote:

Israel's US citizenship form reports he, Rose, and David arrived in
the US via Bremen, Germany on November 1900 on the Patricia. No
good hits on nor has
been of limited help.

Where else can I search next for ship manifests and recorded history
of when/where David was born and Israel and Rose married? At least as
a start.

I would try a broader search. A search of the Morton Allen Directory

indicates that the Patricia didn't arrive in the U.S. in November of
1900: only October and December. Therefore, either the date is wrong or
the ship name is wrong.

David Oseas

KLEIN: Satoraljaujhely (Ujhely), Hungary > New York > Los Angeles
OSEAS/OSIAS/OSIASI/OZIAS: Iasi, Romania > Chicago > Milwaukee > Los Angeles
SCHECHTER/SCHACHTER: Odessa, Ukraine > New York
SHERMAN: Iasi, Romania > New York > Los Angeles
STECKER: New York > Florida
WICHMAN: Syczkowo (Bobruisk), Belarus > Milwaukee > Los Angeles


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