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Sandy Aaronson wrote:
< A RUBENSTEIN cousin of mine made a tape years ago about his life in
Verbovets, Podolia. He mentioned going on a "buying trip" for his father's
Store at age 12. He said it was a 4-5 day trip in the snow in a horse drawn
wagon and stopped in a town called Mollef on the Dniester River. I found a
town called Miliye not on the Dniester but on another river, Cheremosh. This
town is 102 miles >from Verbovets could it could possibly be the same town as
the one Alan is looking for below? >

Per JewishGen Jewish Communities Database < >
Miliye, Ukraine was formerly in Wiznitz district, Bukovina province,
Austrian Empire and then Milie in Storojinet district, Bucovina, Romania and
is located at 4820/2517, 30 miles W of Chernivtsi on the Cheremosh River.

Based on its location and pronunciation, it is unlikely that Miliye, Ukraine
is the town Mollef to which Sandy's cousin referred.

Verbovets, Ukraine was formerly in Ushitsa district, Podolia province,
Russian Empire and then in Vinnitsa district, Ukraine SSR, Soviet Union and
is located at 4844/2726, 26 miles NW of Mohyliv-Podilskyy.

Mohyliv-Podilskyy, Ukraine was formerly Mogilev in Podolia province, Russian
Empire and then Mogilev-Podolski in Vinnitsa district, Ukraine SSR, Soviet
Union and is located at 4827/2748. Mohyliv-Podilskyy is a major city in S
Ukraine on the Dniester (border with Moldova/Bessarabia) and is not to be
confused with Mogilev (Mahilyow), E Belarus.

Besides its location on the Dniester in Podolia, Mohyliv is pronounced more
similarly to Mollef and is likely the town Sandy's cousin went to on a
buying trip.

Alan Cohen was searching for a town Molaff in Vitebsk, now Vitsyebsk,
Belarus, located at 5512/3012.

Per JewishGen Gazetteer < >
The closest (sounds like) possibility for Molaff to Vitebsk is Myailovo
(Myaklovo), Belarus, located at 5503/3016, only 9.1 miles SSE of Vitebsk.
Myailovo is not in the JewishGen Jewish Communities Database because it did
not have a significant Jewish community.

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