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Moishe Miller

Dear Group,

I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a solution. It is
on ViewMate at the following address:

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Perhaps you can offer suggestions on two fronts:
* I have found a conflict in the maternal maiden names of both a bride
and groom, between the marriage record in 1902 and the death records in
1934 and 1945
* I have not found another source to help me determine which is
accurate yet

The story start with Morris GRUBER, aka Moses, aka Moshe Zev (or perhaps
Wolf), who lived 1873 - 1945. He came to the USA around 1900, seemingly
from Tovste, Ukraine. Morris paid for passage for Perl FASLER (1879 -
1934) >from Tovste, Ukraine in 1901 and they married July 19, 1902 in

Morris and Pauline (Perl) settled in NYC for a short time, as their
daughter was born there in 1904. In 1907 they were living in Portland,
ME, where they had a son. Also in 1907, Morris did make a trip to
Europe, to see his mother Pessie in Tovste, as per the ship manifest of
where he was coming from. The family was still in Portland in 1909 as
another son was born there. In 1912 they had a son in Brooklyn, NY and
that is where they remained.

Both Morris and Pauline were buried in Tluster (Tovste) Landsman Society
plots, but in different cemeteries.

That is the overview of the family. The issue is the marriage record
shows Morris's mother as Pase REINES. I have found quite a few Reinish
family records, so possibly that is the name in reality. But, his death
record 40 years later records her as Pessie Cohen. I do not know of any
siblings to Morris and so I do not know how to go about reconciling this
conflict between Reines and Cohen.

Interestingly, Pauline's mother is recorded in the marriage record as
Hudia STUPF, while her death record 30 years later states Adele HEISS as
her mother's name. I have found some Stupp and Stup researchers for
Tovste, so possibly that is the correct spelling. Here I have some
options, as Pauline had a brother Nathan that married and passed away in
NY. I have ordered his records, and should have them next month,
Hopefully the marriage record, in 1895, will give proper detail.
According to the JOWBR, his death record in 1916 already shows his
mother as Adele Heiss.

I did email all the JGFF researchers with any of these names already,
with no success.

Any advice or suggestions would be welcome.

Thank you for your efforts,
Moishe Miller

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