JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: For what reason did immigrants stay in England for a short period of time... #general


Britain was a staging-post for east European emigrants who often stayed in
the country for anything >from a few days to months or years before
proceeding to their desired destination. The historian Lloyd Gartner
suggested that as many as half a million Jews spent 2 or more years in
the British Isles before moving on. He mentions that 'A substantial
congregation in Toronto is named Hebrew Men of England'. It is said that
the founders had spent some time in England and thus considered themselves
'men of England'.

Harold Pollins
Oxford, England
Hi - I recently found a 1904 passenger list for a ship that sailed >from
London to New York. Quite a few of the immigrants, were listed as having
been in London for a period of weeks (6-7) or a few months.

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