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Scott Ehrlich <scott@...>

I have DNA tested with the majors - 23andme, ancestry, and
familytreedna. I have found familytreedna the most useful and helpful
and inviting for matches to communicate and connected with each other.

I have taken the Autosomal test with all three, and added the Y-DNA to

My mother, Margery Cohen, Ehrlich, has also tested with FamilyTreeDNA.
She and I have autosomal results, and she is awaiting her mtDNA
results >from FamilyTreeDNA. Her ID is F327640.

I am now trying to find connections to my COHEN line somehow. My mom
is a COHEN/NEWMAN and she and I are working hand-in-hand, and she has

But I want to isolate the COHEN line for some answers and currently
have no other people I can reach out to on the COHEN side who will

If you have tested with any of the majors, please see if we are a match.

I am also on - F316712.


Scott Ehrlich

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