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Phyllis Kramer

Efraim Glatt asked:
Can you connect me with the people that have more info about the Svir community in
those days ? Where svir is located right now ? (which country?) and do you know
if there is something still there ? (synagogue, houses, graves)

Efraim... that's what JewishGen is all about... and why we have a database of 6,500
towns which had Jewish populations around 1900.

Please go to our Community search and put in Svir:

There you will find many answers to your questions about the town (today Svir in
-- its history,
-- its governments,
-- its current location and details...
-- nearby Jewish Communities (important because marriages
were most often arranged between neighboring towns)...

follow all the links, especially the
-- KehilaLinks page (a page about the town written by a 'genner),
-- the Belarus country database (where you should query your surnames),
--the JewishGen Family Finder (where there are 62 surnames which our 'genners are
researching...and do add your surname to it, so that others can find you!)

Sounds like just what you've been seeking...and
Isn't JewishGen wonderful!
Phyllis Kramer, NYC & Palm Beach Gardens, FL
VP, Education,

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