JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: Update on my landmanschaft question #general

Roxanne Richardson

One further update, because so many of you have been extremely helpful and generous
with your suggestions.

I managed to track down Hyman MEYERS/MAJORZIK and Sadie (Shayna Chaya) YEGUTKINs
marriage record. The birth place listed on Sadies manifest of Wilka was not the
Vilejka district, after all, but Vetka, at town 12 miles outside of Gomel. (The
clerk failed to cross the t on the manifest).

Khaim MAYORCHIK married Khayka EGUDKIN (>from Vetka) in Gomel on 21 Jul 1895. The
EGUDKIN spelling yielded even more hits in the Belarus database, so I now have
Hymans fathers given name (Leyb), as well as the names of two EGUDKIN men who were
probably Sadies brothers.

So it appears that the MEYERs burial in the Dolhinow section was, in fact, in no
way connected to where either one of them were originally from. You were all

Roxanne Richardson
Minneapolis, MN

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