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Lynne Schneider

My probable cousin and I have been trying to connect our DATZ families for some
time now. My line descends >from a Morris DATZ (who probably departed Liverpool for
the Port of Philadelphia as Moishe DACZ on the Rhynland on 17 Sept 1902). Morris'
parents were Nachman DATZ and Sluva Derewitz, neither of whom emigrated, to my
knowledge. Morris' ship manifest says he last resided in Podolia. I know that he
worked at a mattress factory in Connecticut with a cousin who I believe is Nathan
DATZ. And, then together they opened their own mattress factory in Brooklyn,
sometime between 1902 and 1903. Morris married Eva Sapir(er)stein on 27 October
1903 and they had four children: Goldie (b 1904, d 1915), Isidor (Irving)(b 1906,
d 1999, Bluma (Bertha)(b 1908, d 1983 and my father, Nathaniel David (known to the
family as David)(b 1916, d 2012).

Nathan DATZ married Anna and they had Charles, Bessie, Minnie, Frances, Bertha,
Mary and Rebecca. On the 1910 US Federal Census, the Morris DATZ family and the
Nathan DATZ family lived in next to one another on Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn and
stated that they were in the mattress manufacturing business.

The other line we are researching is descended >from Isaac DATZ, b 1867 in Padola,
Russia, d 1919 in Russia. He married Rose Dorfman, b 15 Dec 1866 in Padola, d in
New York. Isaac and Rose had six children: Schmule (who elected to stay in Russia
with his growing family), Harry, Leib, Bluma, Sonia, and Solomon. Leib DATZ was
born about 1887 in Russia and died about 1919 in Kopaigorod, Russia. Leib DATZ
married Maysa (Martha) LVOVICH, daughter of Yaacov LVOVICH and an unknown mother.
Maysa was born on 1 July, 1889 in Romania and died 30 April, 1974 in Princeton New
Jersey. Maysa emigrated in 1920 as Mania DUTZI, and became naturalized on 8 June,
1937. Leib DATZ and Maysa LVOVICH had Aaron DATZ who was born 16 Feb 1913 in
Ukraine, Russia and died 16 June 1993 in Laguna Hills, California. Aaron DATZ
married Evelyn DALY on 9 Dec 1934 in Brooklyn, NY, however, her birth certificate
states her date of birth as May, 1914 and her name as Ida DALEY (This was in
error by those preparing her birth certificate). She died 5 Oct 1999 in California.
Aaron DATZ and Evelyn DALY had two children: Dorothy Belle DATZ, b 24 Feb 1942 in
Brooklyn, NY, d 9 Jan 1992 in Berkeley, CA; and Joseph Lauren DATZ, b 24 Oct 1944
in Brooklyn, NY. Joseph was married to Rebecca WRIGHT and is currently married to
Janis Lee FRIEDENBRG. Janis and I believe that her husband Joe DATZ and my father,
Nathaniel David DATZ, are cousins. Both Joe and David stated as much but we have
been unable to determine the exact relationship. I believe that they might be
second cousins, given the age difference.

Kopaigorod is mentioned as the birth and/or death place for many of the DATZes in
the Isaac DATZ line but I have as yet not found it mentioned in the Morris DATZ or
Nathan DATZ line. It seems that there are a great many shared names between the
DATZ families which makes me believe that they just have to be really related (of
course, it could just mean that these names were the most commonly used names at
their particular place and time).

Janis and I would greatly appreciate any insight into this jumbled family and
perhaps some kind genner can figure out the relationships.

Although I have provided here only the information I believe to be pertinent, I
will provide any additional information anyone thinks would be useful in solving
this problem.

Thank you so much. Please respond privately to:

Lynne Schneider in Los Angeles, CA
Researching DATZ, SAPIR(ER)STEIN, Walzer

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