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Jim Gutterman

My mggf Meyer GELLER and assorted immediate family emigrated from
Chlebowice, Galicia at various points during the 1900-1910 period. I
am trying to broaden the picture of possible siblings and
nephews/nieces that also came >from the same town, some of whom were
even on the same ships as members of Meyer's family. However, this
side of the family tended to change/evolve their first names over time
to make things more confusing (for instance, siblings Isadore became
Jacob became Izzie, and Israel became Chaim became Sam eventually). I
did identify a female with the first name of Cipre or Cipra, and a
male Ozyasz Geller, but wasn't able to match up when looking thru 1910
and 1920 censuses. Would appreciate any suggestions as to what
"Americanized" names Cipre and Ozyasz might have become. Thank you in


MODERATOR NOTE: If you haven't already sone so, a good place to start
any search regarding first names (and variants) is at the JewishGen
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to the "Names" section.

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