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Lin <lin2@...>

My viewmate file, a photo taken in Germany approx. 1891 is at this url:

I have learned a little more about the photo since I posted it.
It is believed to be my grandmother's eldest 4 sisters. For anyone
who knows a lot about clothing of that period, styles, hairstyles,
anything at all about interpreting photos, I'd love to hear >from you.
The family lived in Klein Reken, Germany.

from looking at the photo I think based on their order of birth, I
have guessed who is who. If you think by looking at it you disagree
with who is oldest, etc. let me know.

top left I think is Bertha, the eldest, born 1879, top right I think
is Mahle (third >from the eldest) born 1882, bottom left, I think is
the youngest of the four, Lena, born 1886, and bottom right, I think
is the second eldest, Sophia, born 1860.

Thank you so much,
Lin Herz
Palm Bay, Florida

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