JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Update: Leiser Kaslin search #general

Paula Blank

I wrote to the group a couple of days ago explaining that I am
searching for my gggf Leiser Kaslin >from Slutsk (born 1853). Thank you
all who responded! I decided to search for him through his daughter,
Rebecca (Reeva) Lukin. On a hunch that they would be living near their
newly married daughter, Minnie Fishkin, I found Reeva and her family in
the same building listed as Glukin. Living with them was FIL Louis
Kessler in 1920! (That's 6 years after the wedding picture I have of
him). He was listed as born in 1845 - which actually makes more sense
than 1853. I then searched Louis Kessler (which seems to be a fairly
common name) and found a Louis Kesler in 1905 married to Leah. I know
his wife's name was Lena Rachel - which could be a match. The dates of
arrival and ages also match up. So two things I am wondering about...
1. Reeva's death certificate lists him as Lazar Kazlin (in 1930) and
her sister Anna Heidt's maiden name is listd as Kislan in her
daughter's marriage certificate.Why use the old name?
2. I can't find a definite match for Louis or Leah for death
certificates (possible one in 1921 for Louis - that I requested).
Nothing in the NY area that matches Leah. I'm researching where people
from Slutsk were buried.
Any other ideas how to find them here?

Paula Blank

I found a Louis Kesler in a 1905 census married to Leah. I have her
name as Lena Rochel - so it could be them. I didn't know that she came over.
It says that she was in the States for 5 years

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