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KERRY GREENHUT <klg6675@...>

I am trying to help a friend locate some relatives who emigrated >from Russia via
Hungary to Buffalo NY about 180 years ago. The details are very sketchy, but they
perhaps are familiar to a reader of this list.

"Adolf, the son of a man called Bern`th, emigrated to Austria-Hungary >from Russia
(or Ukraine) with his 2 (possibly 3) brothers in the mid-19th century. They were
Jewish and didn't have surnames. (When Bern`th got to Hungary, he was given the
surname Bereslava or Bereslav after the village in Russia he'd come from.)

"Bern`th, settled in what is now southwest Hungary, marrying a woman called Regina
Engel, but his brothers moved to the US, and all we know about them is that they
became undertakers in Buffalo . . . but we've no idea under what names."

Thank you.

Kerry Greenhut

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