JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: One name: one person or two? #general

Herbert Lazerow

What is the likelihood that two girls would have the same name
in a town of 1,000 Jews?
I cannot comment on girls, but it is very likely that two boys
might have the same name because of the eastern European pattern of
naming persons after a deceased ancestor.
Typically, the first boy was named after the husband's father if
he was deceased. In one of my families, seven of nine children
named the first son Joshua after his deceased grandfather. Since 4
of the children were boys, there were four Joshua Kimmelmans of
roughly the same age.
Girls might be more difficult because the tradition was to name
the first girl after someone in the mother's family, so it was only
with the birth of the second girl that someone was named after
someone in the father's family.
Herbert Lazerow
San Diego CA

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