JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: Mr Kuperman Hebrew Teacher Cape Town mid1900s - How to find information #general

Ann Rabinowitz

Dear Ros:

The easiest first step to locating info on the KUPERMAN or any
other family in South Africa is to check out the South African
Jewish Rootsbank for South Africa site
I think, you are already familiar with this database along with the
National Archives of South Africa database which is the second step
to follow for locating info.

What you will find if you plug in Kuperman is that there is a Chaya
Kuperman and she is listed with a Michael Kuperman who is about her
age and who also was buried in Pinelands I Cemetery in Cape Town. In
addition, the records in the RootsWeb database mention that Michael
Kuperman was >from Rokiskis where your family is >from and that he was a
Hebrew Teacher. Apparently, his shipping records state that his first
name was Mykolas which probably became Michael.

You can followup by going to the National Archives of South Africa
site and see if the Kuperman family is mentioned there and if Chaya
Kuperman is listed as a spouse of Michael Kuperman. You may be lucky
enough to find the maiden name of Chaya in your search.

It appears that Mykolas Kuperman went to his cousin Mr. Zieper in Cape
Town when he arrived in South Africa. Mr. Zieper was a cousin of the
Sachar family and you can probably contact the Sachar family in Israel
for further info which they may have regarding this matter.

So, remember, check out the basic resources first and you may obtain
the information quite quickly and easily.

All the best,
Ann Rabinowitz

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