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Lewis, Megan

On June 12, Miriam Bulwar David-Hay asked which reels/files >from the
Lodz ghetto collection have been indexed on Jewishgen and World Memory
Project/Ancestry. She also asked if there is concordance. The World
Memory Project is the joint USHMM/Ancestry indexing project, and the
source of the records on Ancestry. I spoke with the person who
coordinates the indexing. According to her, only reels 179-192, all
files of the vital records, and the some of the re-indexed worker id
cards >from reels 673-696, are on Ancestry.

About the concordance: there isn't one. But I figured out a
work-around of sorts, involving the listing on Ancestry and the
finding aid for USHMM RG-15.083, which is at For my
example, I am going to use this record,
which is about the death of Nachman Rapapport June 10, 1941.

Each of the records on Ancestry includes a Source Citation. The
source citation includes a file number. In Nachman's case, the file
number is RG-15.083M; File: rg-15_083m_0184-00000963. The file number
consists of three separate parts. rg-15_083m_ is the record group,
184 is the reel number, and -00000963 is the image number on the reel.

Going to the finding aid for RG-15.083, I find that there are 3
files on reel 184: 948, 949 and 950. Files 948 and 949 are deaths in
1940, and 950 is a death register with the date of July 2, 1941. Since
Nachman died in June 1941, he is most likely in file 950. When I went
to the Polish State Archives site, I found him in section 13.2, file

Best wishes,

Megan Lewis
Reference librarian
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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