JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Amkha? #general

Alexander Sharon

Martin Jacobs wrote:

What is Amkha,(ayin, mem, final khaf) in pre-Holocaust usage? I know
that today it refers to a right-wing Zionist organization or to an
organization in Israel that assists Holocaust survivors, but what did
this term refer to before WW II, and why would anyone write personal
letters for it? (In the Goworowo yizkor book a local teacher is
represented as writing "private briv" for it.)
Hi Martin,

Amkha was a cryptonym word that have been used to identify a Jew.
By the way of introduction to a person with Polish (Christian) name and
surname but Jewish looks, I could ask him a magic word "Amkha"? that only a
Jew suppose to know it and produce an answer with a smile -"Amkha"!.

Alexander Sharon

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