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Sandy Crystall

A presentation on these maps was made at the IAJGS conference in
Boston last year while the maps were being developed. They are now
available online for your use. I encourage you to download the user
guide that is mentioned below and read the technical report as well.

Sandra Crystall
Researcher # 72697
The International Institute for Jewish Genealogy has made available
interactive online Maps of Jewish Communities and their Populations in
Europe: 1750 - 1950.

These maps have been created by Sandra Crystall based on the research
of Laurence Leitenberg (La population juive des villes d'Europe.
Croissance et r=E9partition, 1750 - 1930, Peter Lang, Bern 2008),
augmented by Leitenberg's further research to add post-Holocaust
(circa 1950) population data.

Four maps provide information about the Jewish populations and
communities in Europe in the time frames of 1750, 1800, 1850, 1900,
1930 and 1950. The maps display the country boundaries as well.

Download the user guide to learn the full capability of the maps and
data presented. A detailed technical report with information on the
main population trends depicted, as well as how the maps were created,
is also available for download.

The maps, user guide and report are available at

The maps and research were supported by the Institute in partial
fulfillment of its major goals -- the development of tools and
cutting-edge technologies for the work of Jewish family historians and
of social scientists in general.

For further information about the Institute's work and mission, visit

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