JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Viewmate: car in Vienna #general

Robert Fraser

Dear fellow researchers -

I've posted a photo to ViewMate of my Mother 'driving' a car
outside the family apartment in Vienna in 1934.

I would love to know if any classic car experts can tell me
the make of this car. It wasn't a family car, they couldn't
possibly have afforded one. Maybe a rich visiting relative.

The photo can be found on ViewMate at the following link:

Please respond privately or via the Viewmate application.

Many thanks -

Robert Fraser
Perth, Western Australia

Researching: NOWAK; Moravia, Austria, USA and the world: EISINGER;
Moravia, Vienna, USA and the world
NAGEL; Moravia, Vienna, New York: FINKELSTEIN; Galicia,
Vienna: WORTMANN; Slovakia, USA: KRAUTERBLUTH; Poland, ?

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