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An interesting little puzzle.

"Austria" and "Poland" usually means somewhere along the northern
Hungarian and southern Polish borders, i.e. Galicia or Transcarpathia.
Using the JewishGen Communities database, there are 4 Janows, each
about 100 miles out, around warsaw. (those may be the origins of the
yanoff society; between them they had a jewish population of over
6,500.) but none of them would have ever been "austrian", since
they are much too far away >from the border. But it also lists
Ivano-Frankove (49°55' N 23°44' E ), in present-day Ukraine,
which was in austro-hungarian galicia before ww1, in Poland between
the wars, and the Soviet Union after ww2. its Yiddish name was Yanov,
and it lists a jewish population of almost 1,000.

tom klein, toronto

ps. there are 3 researchers listed in the jewishgen family finder
for ivano-frankove, but you might also check the contacts listed
for the other janows, in case any of them connected to the wrong

Moshe Schaeffer <> wrote:

I believe the spelling is Yanov and they wrote they were >from Poland but
his brother info says he is >from Yanov Austria. Could this be? thanks for
the help.

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