JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Questions about 1940 Census Record #general

Carolyn Lea

Todd Edelman is asking about a "mistake" on the 1940 census. To
completely understand and get the most >from census records, read the
instructions for enumerators:

In 1940, enumerators made a second sweep to capture those who were not
home or were missed. They were listed at the end of the enumeration
district starting with page 61A, 61B and so on.

Selma was not counted for some reason in the first sweep - she is
correctly listed on page 61A. She is not listed as a daughter to
Joseph John - she is listed as a daughter to the parents living at
household 131 - the number refers to the number of the household in
the order visited.

There was also an attempt made to capture transients. They were
counted on April 8-9. They included people living in hotels,
flophouses, Hoovervilles, etc. They are listed on the pages beginning
with 81A and so on.

If you do not find your family in 1940 check the last pages of the ED.

Carolyn Lea

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