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Evertjan. <exxjxw.hannivoort@...>

jewishgen@... (David Mayer Rafky dave15851585@...)
wrote on 23 aug 2014 in soc.genealogy.jewish:

A gentile friend pointed out that some names ending in "stein" are
pronounced "stine" while others are pronounced "steen." What can
I tell him?
You gently tell him his gentileness does not matter in this case.

They all *should be* pronounced "-stayn", being the German for "stone".

cf: Einstein: "Aynstayn".

However, how they *are* pronounced in the USA, [which perhaps was
what you meant, though did not specify] *could* be beyond logic,
I *would* not know.

Evertjan Hannivoort.
The Netherlands.
(Please change the x'es to dots)

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