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The burials in Buenos Aires area cemeteries can be searched here:

When I checked for the names, I did not see either in the database.
You can also search by first name. If you enter "Cecilia" and
check just Liniers--there are few listings but none that match the
name or dates. Perhaps she is listed by her maiden name? Try a
Sara and see if the dates seem to align.

Instead, you can email the cemetery directly.

A death certificate >from the Registro Civil can be very useful and
typically includes parents and grandparents' names.

Rob Weisskirch
Latin American SIG Moderator

On Wednesday, September 3, 2014 3:15:12 PM UTC-7, wrote:
Dear Genners,

I have a name, date and cemetery but I wish to know the exact grave
plot of a relative, so someone can visit to photograph it.
I have searched online databases, made numerous enquiries have tried
to contact AMIA, unsuccessfully.

The grave is in Liniers Cemetery, Buenos Aries, Argentina.
It belongs to my great great great aunt, Sara Cohen who died in 1923.
The grave is shared by her daughter-in-law Cecilia Sacher/Sachur, who
died in 1934.

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