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Dovie Gelerinter

Hello all,

My great-great grandmother was Alte Miriam Kahana-Shapira (married
name: Gelerinter). She was the daughter of R' Yakov Eliyahu, AKA The

Earlier today, a friend called me since he has recently started on
research of his and his wife's family and came across the name Alte
Miriam Shapira. When he happened to search on a different site, he saw
that the only person who referenced her was me. So, instead of signing
up, he just called me. :)

Here's the rub. His connection is that his wife's GGGF was her
brother. My sources (Meorei Galicia by R' Meir Wunder) seem to imply
that all her siblings died young. Does anyone have any other
suggestions as to where to see if I can find siblings of Alte Miriam
or otherwise solidly connect the two?

Thank you,

-Dovie Gelerinter

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