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The Proceedings of the 32nd IAJGS International Conference on Jewish
Genealogy held in Paris are now all available.

You will find there everything you liked so much (or missed!) during
those 4 exciting days of July 2012 :
-Complete French-English bilingual events;
-A particular focus on Europe, the achievement of its genealogy
societies, its medieval settlements, its cemeteries, its archives;
-A unique look at the genealogy and history of the Sephardic communities;
-All places and all aspects of your researches: history, memory,
resources, legacy preservation, transmission, nature and nurture, fancy
genealogies, origin and identity, genetics, the Holocaust, ethics,
biblical genealogies and of course methodology;
-Speakers >from all over the world.

Some 160 texts have been collected into 4 volumes of 1400 pages
altogether, with material and bibliographies, either directly provided
by the authors or taken >from recordings performed during the Conference
Volume 1: “The Western World”: texts relating to France, Western Europe
(including Italy but not Spain nor Germany nor Austria), the United
States, and Israel. 32 papers, 330 pages All texts are translated (1
English volume - 1 French volume).
Volume 2: Central and Eastern Europe: (including Germany and Austria).
37 papers, 292 pages - all texts are translated (1 English volume - 1
French volume).
Volume 3: Sephardim, Jews of Africa, Jews of Asia: 57 papers or
summaries, 507 pages, some texts are translated, others are in their
original language accompanied by abstracts in the other language
(bilingual volume).
Volume 4: Thematic lectures without specific geographic basis:
Holocaust, genetics, ethics, biblical genealogies and methodological
workshops (genealogical travels, use of pictures, publishing,
deciphering Hebrew, software)... 35 papers, 295 pages. All texts are
translated (1 English volume - 1 French volume).
Volumes can be ordered separately in hard copy or downloaded as a PDF
file. Hard copies are available in color and in black-and-white. The PDF
files are protected by a Copyright and cannot be reproduced, except for
a private use.
You can see the contents and order online on
Contact CGJ - 45 rue La Bruyere 75009 Paris - +33 (0) 1 40 23 04 90

Georges Graner (Paris-France)

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