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On Friday, February 5, 1999 3:30:00 AM UTC-4:30,
Shimon Ouziel wrote:
Why a husband will adopt his wife maiden name?
Kopolovitz Abraham,bn.1892,in Nizapsa/Ceskaslvnska, one time was called
Szcarparske/Russ or Czechslovakia Republic.He married Frieda Wizel all their
took the surname Wizel.Shmuel married ? Katy,Motke, Sylvia.does any one
Shimon Ouziel

I know this post is 15 years old but I couldn't resist writing
when I discovered a connection to my family here.

Abraham Kopelovic and Frida Wiezel were my great grand parents.
Their children adopted their mother's last name to avoid being captured
on WWII by the nazis. Of the 4 children, only Moshe-Leib remained with
the Kopelovic last name, he died in the Holocaust along his parents
(this is the story I've been told by my family):

My name is Jonathan, son of Abraham Wiesel, son of Katy and Shmuel. Shmuel
was one of Abraham Kopelovic and Frida Wiezel children.

Jonathan Wiesel

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