JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: 1896 NYC death certificate question #general

Roxanne Richardson

"I was surprised that there is no informant's name on the certificate. But
I've never obtained a certificate >from the 1890s.?"

I had a similar experience after ordering an 1897 NYC death cert. I was
looking for confirmation of the deceased woman's husband's name, but all it
said was that she was married, and that she lived at 252 Delancey. There
is no second page of the cert, no informant, and the husband's name is not

I also have a death cert for a woman who died in 1904, which is two pages,
but still does not include an informant's name, nor the name of the husband,
although her parents' names are listed on the front of the cert, as well as
the length of time she had been in the country. The second page includes
information about the burial, as well as instructions to the physician
filling out the form and to the undertaker. In this second case, I know I
have the right person, because I have her passenger manifest, which shows
that she was pregnant when she arrived at Ellis Island, and her destination
address. I also have a birth certificate for the child, which lists the
husband's name, and the same address. She died the week following the birth,
from complications of the delivery, at the same address.
The death certificate you have should list the burial place. You might be
able to find out more information about this woman >from the cemetery burial

Roxanne Richardson
Minneapolis, MN

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