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Dhan Tzucker <daniz_place@...>

A few points to make about this news alert (excerpted below).

1) Har Hamenuchot has terraces, walls and columns now for at least 4 years,
and maybe more.

These are my descriptions, but are:
Terraces.  3 or 4 layers of graves, the terrace is open on 2 or 3 sides and
can be seen by anyone driving to Jerusalem on route 1. The graves on the
lower levels are open to the wind, but are not open to rain or sun.

Walls: If one turns to the right immediately after the guard booth,
and travels to the last left turn, you will see on the left a wall
of graves. The graves are 3 or 4 high, and at one point someone
added a shelf to the gravestones so stones and candles can be placed
at the grave.  The first gravestones had no shelf.

Columns. Driving to, I believe, section Mem-Zain and then going on
to the end of the road, go down the steps, you can find columns of
graves that remind me of library stacks, with rows of graves one
over the other in columns, again to 4 levels.

Kiryat Shaul has a building but I have not been inside.  Yarkon
is finishing a building now, again I have not been inside,

Dahn Tzucker

Subject: Israel at the Forefront with Vertical Cemeteries
From: "Jan Meisels Allen" <janmallen@...>

"As with many innovative ideas Israel is at the forefront!.
The latest innovation is building vertical cemeteries in
densely populated countries ... Yarkon Cemetery is located
in the outskirts of Tel Aviv, and is the primary cemetery
for greater Tel Aviv.  Currently there are an existing
110,000 graves at the cemetery. There are 30 planned structures
to allow for the additional 250,000 graves planned in the
vertical structures. ..."

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