JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: last mysteries regarding WW1 army service findings #general

Alex Feller

I am truly impressed by your discoveries regarding the fate of your
ancestor in WWI. I am very interested in learning about your research
in this area.

Regarding your final questions about abbreviations found in the
listing of your ancestor >from the WWI Casualty and POW lists located
on the Czech National Library website, I have some answers for you and
the community.

'Gefr' means Gefreiter. During WWI, this translates to a rank of
First Private. It is a rank just above infanterist and I believe that
it is a rank that would have been given to a soldier in WWI with past
experience like a reservist. Additional information can be found at

'IR' means Infantry Regiment.
'Nr 30' means number 30.
which means he was part of regiment 30 which was recruited out of
Lemberg (Lviv),

During the last IAJGS conference, I put together a list of websites
for researching Galician soldiers in World War One. I placed it
online at the Rohatyn Jewish Heritage site so it would be public.

Alex Feller
Chicago, IL

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