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Steven Greenstein

Fellow Genner's:

I am looking for information on the availability of detailed death records (autopsy
report/finding and conclusions) as opposed to death certificates in Connecticut
(1) whether and under what circumstances they were prepared
(2) what years they are available
(3) under what situations they are accessible by the public (relatives)

The context is this : I am trying to validate a long held family story/tragedy
about the death of my great uncle Harry Dunn who died at age 13 by allegedly
falling off a horse drawn cart driven by his father (my ggrandfather) while on his
peddling route northwest of Hartford , CT in the summer of 1918. My g-grandfather
may have had a psychological 'break' following Harry's death >from guilt due to the
event (he reputedly never worked again and became a charge of his family until he
died in 1938). Young Harry's death certificate indicates he died >from endocarditis
that he had for 3 years prior, but we always wondered whether a heart attack may
in fact have been the proximate cause of his death resulting >from the fall -
exacerbated by his heart condition, together with the reluctance of the medical
examiner to state the accident as the official cause of death on the death

Detailed medical examiner/autopsy records might shed more light on this-
the question is whether they were prepared back in 1918 in CT. , under what
circumstances and would they be available to the public/relatives?


Steve Greenstein

Researching: Grinshteyn (Derazhnya & Galuzintsy, Podolia/Ukraine), Viller
(Proskurov, Podolia/Ukraine), Dunn/Don (Vilna, Lithuania), Dubowy (Kozowa &
Zalozce, Brezany/Galicia), Sigal (Kamenets-Podolskiy, Podolia/Ukraine),
Pollack (Kuzmin, Podolia/Ukraine), Aronofsky (Kovno, Lithuania)

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