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Re: Russian Draft in 1911; Jewish Digest 04 November 2014

David Laskin asks: "My paternal grandfather had his trigger finger
amputated in order to avoid the Russian draft in 1911... I'm wondering
how long the term of service was?...whether Jewish conscripts were
still treated harshly?..."

-The basic length of service in 1911 was 5 years, with 13 in the Reserves
(changed in 1888 >from the 1874 regulation of 6 years and 9 years in the
-Life in the Russian army was harsh for everybody.
-The obviousness of amputating a trigger finger is unlikely to have
succeeded in avoiding conscription; rather the reverse. The 1874 Regulations,
Clause 217 was very explicit: "The same punishment (namely, being
automatically compelled to serve in the Active Army without even the
chance of not being lottery-picked, plus solitary confinement for 4 1/2 to
6 months) will be inflicted on persons who either by themselves or
by the aid of third parties, become mutilated with a view to escaping active
-Net, it would probably have been statistically wiser to risk the
approximately 80% chance that one's name would not actually be drawn in
the lottery.

Donald Press (New York)
Searching: PRESS/PRES (Skuodas/Seda/Plunge); HOFFMAN (South Africa & USA);
HART (London); DAVIDS (Amsterdam, London); BERMAN (Siauliai); LIPSCHITZ
(Kurshany, Pumpenai); PRESS/SILVERSTONE (Manchester/Liverpool);

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