JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: (Belarus) Brest Town Built Out of Jewish Tombstones #general

Joseph Hirschfield

Multi-layer burial plots at the ancient Prague cemetery resulted
from the refusal of the municipal authorities to permit the Jewish
cemetery to expand to accommodate new burials. Halakhic law
requires that Jews must not destroy Jewish graves or remove the
tombstones. This meant that when the cemetery ran out of space
more layers of soil were placed on the existing graves and the
old tombstones taken out and placed upon the new layer of soil.
This resulted in the cemetery eventually having up to 12 layers of
graves in some areas.

Joe Hirschfield
Portage, MI
Gliniany, Sielec Bienkow, Jaryczow Nowy-Galicia
MINOFF, MINOWITZKI, MINOWICKI-Brest Litovsk, Vysoka Litovsk-Belarus

Some historical neglect or theft of Jewish tombstones is based on
ignorance rather than anything -- but what exactly *is* the Jewish
law on this subject? After all, famous cemeteries such as the one in
Josefov in Prague have new layers upon new layers, and wasn't there
a big movement of graves towards the end of "Once Upon Time in

Todd Edelman, near Los Angeles

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