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Fran Cohen <fransc1969@...>

Hi All,
I am doing genealogy work on my paternal great grandfather's side of the
family. In doing this work, I have come across something that is real sad.
I might have found my great grandfather's brother is the listing of the
Shoah Victims on My great grandfather was CHULSKI,Zelig. He
was the only member of his family to come to the US and we know nothing
about his family. The person that I found on the Yad Vashem website was,
CHULSKI, Gershn Hirsh. They were both born in the same town of Rybnitsa. I
am attaching the form completed for Yad Vashem, which is in Hebrew. I would
like, if possible, a complete translation to English of this form. I would
like to contact the great grandson of Gersh Hirsh Chulski to find out if
this is indeed Zelig's brother.

This can be found at the following address:

Please answer through ViewMate.

Thank you for any help that you might offer.
Fran Cohen
CHUKSLI or Ciulski

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