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Alexander Sharon

Rusty Wilson wrote:

The Jewishgen All Lithuania database contains records of two individuals:

The first is a birth record for Tsyvya Vilkorisky, born Nov 22, 1865
in Antokol, Vilna.

The second is an entry in the 1915 city director for Tsipa
Vilkoriskaya of Vilna.

I'd appreciate any insights as to whether these two entries are likely
to be the same person.

1. Are Tsyvya and Tsipa equivalent or similar names in Russian,
Cyrillic or Yiddish?

2. I assume both of these individuals are women? If they're the same
person, does the fact that Tsipa's last name is still a variant of
Vilkorisky mean she's single? (She would be 50 years old); or if it's
not the same person, is Vilkorsiskaya her husband's surname and she's
no relation to the Vilkorisky family?

3. Or could the second person use the name Vilkoriskaya and she could
still be married?
1. Tsyvya is a male first name
2. Tsipa (Tsiporah) is a female first name
3. Vilkoriskaya identifies woman variation of surname Vilkorisky, and
it doesn't differentiate between married or single woman.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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