JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Granted guardianship of her own child? #general

Janette Silverman

Michael Gordy wrote:
"If this is her son Sol, why would she need to be granted guardianship?
Wouldn't a widowed mother automatically have that status?"

"Marlene Bishow" <mlbishow@...> responded:
"Whether this is true in general is unclear, but in my personal
experience and research, in New York State, when a parent died and the
child has financial assets, the surviving parent may be named as
guardian of the child and those assets."

I wonder how common and widespread this is - my great-grandmother living
in what was Galicia and then Poland, was, in 1920, also named as
guardian of her minor children after the death of her husband.

Janette Silverman
UkraineSIG Coordinator

Phoenix, AZ & NYC

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