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Vincent Mendelbaum <vmendelbaum@...>

Hello everybody,

I 'm looking for informations about my MENDELBAUM family ancestry. The older
MENDELBAUM in my family I found is Kysel MENDELBAUM (father of Avram Reuwen
MENDELBAUM). All descendants of Avram Reuwen (born in 1830/1835 and decesed in
Szydlowiec in 1895) were born in Szydlowiec or Pzysucha.

But I don't find any informations in Radom about him and his father. Besides, I
found his pass-ticket to Radom Gubernia, so he probably comes outside.

The only Kysel (Chassejl) MENDELBAUM act I found in JRI is a death act in Krasnik
in 1837. Could it be him ?

Do you have any informations about this family?


Vincent Mendelbaum

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