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Jay Gilbert

I am seeking assistance in locating information about Jacob Klarreich. He
emigrated to the United States in 1938 >from Holland; I have the ship
manifest. His marriage license affidavit in New York in June, 1939 states
that he was born on April 16, 1905, in Chodorow, Poland. It further states
that his fathers' name was Hilel and his mothers' name was Sarah. I believe
he had two older brothers, one of whom was named Isaak. I know >from the
Communities database that Chodorow today is in Ukraine, called Khodorov, and
I know that Jacob was orphaned early in his life. I have searched the
Austria/Czech, Hungary, and German databases in JewishGen as well as the JRI
Poland database, and have found some Klarriech names, but I have been unable
to locate anything related to this family or to the town of Chodorow. I
would very much appreciate suggestions or recommendations on where I could
look for 19th century information about this family and this town. Thank

Jay Gilbert

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