JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: City Directory Question #general

Lisa Lepore

Hi David,

bds. means he was a boarder at that address, so he was paying rent.
rem. to NY means he moved to NY

If you look at the front pages of the directory, there is usually a page that
tells you what the abbreviations are.

Also, some directories have a section where the residents are listed by street
address. Usually in the front, before the alphabetical entries. If your book
has this, you will be able to find out easily who owned the house where he lived,
and if there were other relatives living there.

If you don't have this section in your directory, do a keyword search for the
street address, and see if you can find the others who lived there. It might
help your research.

Lisa Leport
Mendon, MA

From: David Mayer Rafky

Question-1: I am almost certain the "David Sizen" I found in the New Haven
1905 City Directory is my mother's father, David Season who was a
jeweler. He is listed the directory as "Sizen David Jeweler, bds,
663 Howard Avenue." Question: What does bds" mean?

Question-2: In 1906 David Sizen appears again. This time the listing
reads, "Sizen David Rem to New York." Can someone kindly tell me what
"Rem" refers to? A few years later he reappears in New Jersey. Does
"Rem" mean "moved" or "removed?"

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