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David Laskin

Dear Genners,

With Hanukkah half-way through, I thought I would take this
opportunity to alert you all to the paperback publication of my family
history "The Family: A Journey into the Heart of the 20th Century."
It's the story of the Jewish 20th century told through the lives of
one ordinary but extraordinary family that just happens to be my own.
I combine genealogical sleuthing with a deep engagement with the major
upheavals of our time - Eastern European Jewish immigration to the
US, the founding of Israel, and the Holocaust. I could not have
written this book without Jewish Gen - and without much help from
participants in this discussion group. Thank you all and may our
festival of lights bring joy to YOUR families.

David Laskin, Seattle, WA

MODERATOR: This is the permitted one-time announcement of a commercial
product which may be of interest to Jewishgen's members. David's book
(ISBN-10: 0143125893; ISBN-13: 978-0143125891) is published by Penguin.

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