JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: What Documents did Russian Jewish Immigrants need to enter US #general

Ken Drabinsky <kenjdgen@...>

from the large number of excellent comments on this topic, it begs to
ask the question - Is there a definitive research paper/report/reference
which discusses this topic in regard to Russian (+other countries)
emigration to U.S. and Canada/Australia etc. for that matter.

If not, I propose that a SIG or JewishGen-sponsored study by someone with
credentials do some additional research or at the very least summarize this
very important information for future researchers.

Additional Notes:
1. This topic re: U.S. entry has been discussed in the Discussion Archives
as early as 2003: (Gladys Friedman PAULIN CGRS July 17, 2003).
2. Check out the JewishGen Manifest Markings Article by Marian L. SMITH

Best regards,

Ken Drabinsky

Kolo Rypin Plock Area Research Group (KRPARG)
"tracing your Jewish ancestral links in north central Poland"

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