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You should look at the ship Augusta Victoria.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 12/22/2014 3:48 PM, Jerome Harris Small
I must admit after searching various internet sites over the past months I
have come up empty in my search for a manifest entry for my grandfather.
I have a copy of a passport application document written in 1911 that clearly
states that he came to the US, landing in New York City, in June 1891 aboard
the ship Victoria >from Hamburg, Germany. I also have a copy of his
naturalization document written in 1898 that also mentions June 1891 as the
entry date.

So, I am as sure as I can be that this date has some accuracy. Now I need to
find any record of the ship Victoria >from that time period and its manifest.
In my previous searches at Castle Garden this ship and date do not appear.
Any suggestion as to where to find information about this?

Could it be that this ship's papers >from that trip among many others were
lost or destroyed?

Would appreciate any pointers so that I can break through this barrier.

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