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David W. Perle

Hi, all. Happy New Year! This might, might be the death record for my

The JRI-Poland site shows that this image contains the record for an Abram Moszek
PRZEGRODA. My only clue that it might be an ancestor is that my great-great-
grandfather's Cleveland, Ohio death certificate shows that his father's name was
"Abram Joseph." I realize that "Joseph" isn't related to "Moszek," but between
my great-grandfather maybe having the name of his grandfather wrong when giving
information for that Cleveland death certificate, or the Cleveland official perhaps
mishearing the name and erroneously writing "Joseph" if he was told something like
"Moses" with his Polish and mournful accent...I wonder.

Could someone please start by letting me know of any other names on this death
record and also the deceased's profession? Most important--and it's a long-shot
if even the person whom I hope he is--would be if it indicates his son as being
Binyimin Hirsch (my great-great-grandfather). Any other basic details might
prove helpful as well. (Binyimin was a "woodsman/surveyor." It'd be interesting
if this record says that this individual's profession was something like that.)

If this appears to be my ancestor, I'd love a full translation,but...first thing's

Washington, DC

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